Online Strength Programs & Courses

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Don’t Let the Virus (COVID-19) Stop You From Getting Fitter, Stronger, and Healthier Too

Just because the world stopped due to the pandemic doesn’t mean your training and diet have to stop too. You need to take care of your health now more than ever.

Who knows how much longer you’ll have to wait for things to go back to normal? Are you just going to throw away all the progress you’ve made so far just because you can’t go to the gym?

That’s not what you want, right? Don’t worry. We feel the same way.

This is why we've built an online community (over the last couple of years) for people like you who want to stay fit, healthy & strong while waiting for the virus to go away.

We have a wide selection of online programs on offer, designed specifically for the home and requires zero to minimal equipment!

Bodyweight training and gymnastics strength foundations is what we do best! We've been building online programs & courses for a couple of years now and have seen great results!!

Check out our selection of online programs & detailed video courses below:

6 Week Online Handstand Course

The course takes you on a journey through 12 different sessions (from beginner to advanced) to ultimately master the free standing handstand
View course $267 AUD

The 30 Day Online Core Program

Complete 30 different core workouts - which take 5-10 minutes and can be done from your home! A stronger core is essential to moving better
View product $67 AUD

10 Week Beginner Strength & Conditioning Course

Detailed course designed for anyone looking to significantly improve their core, body awareness & strict strength (T2B, pull & push, rings)
View course $198 AUD

Strict Handstand Push-Up Program (6 Weeks)

This well thought out program will help improve your strict handstand push-up strength & endurance. Includes handstand & mobility exercises
View product $99 AUD

Kipping Ring Muscle-Up Course (6 Weeks)

We've provided everything you need to know about kipping ring muscle-ups via 5 comprehensive follow along sessions + drills & strength work
View course $198 AUD

6 Week Online Bar Muscle-Up Course

We take you step by step into helping you build efficient bar muscle-ups! Our drills & detailed 6-week strength program will help add value 
View course $198 AUD

Home Bodyweight Workouts

Are you looking for a program that keeps you moving, makes you stronger, requires no equipment and can be done at home?
View product $87 AUD

Strength Flows & Sequences

Get exclusive access to over 40 of our best gymnastics strength complexes covering handstands, core, toes-to-bar, dips, pull & the rings
View course $137 AUD

6 Week Butterfly Pull-Up Course

We take you through several drills to help you manage timing, coordination & technique! Includes bonus 6 week upper-body strength program  
View course $147 AUD

Essential CF Skills Package

Finally, an affordable package providing you with everything you need to be successful in your gymnastics skills!
View bundle $697 AUD

Beginners Essential Kit (Package)

View bundle Coming soon

Free Core Program

This FREE download provides two core workouts for you to try (includes videos), which come straight out of 'The 30 Day Online Core Program' 

Free Beginner Strength Program

This FREE download provides you with session one of our 10 Week Beginner Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning Course

Free Strength Flows & Sequences Program

This FREE download provides you with a couple of different strength complexes - a sneak peak into our 'Strength Flows & Sequences Program'

Top 5 Gymnastics Skills you need to Master to have success in the Open

No hidden costs, no tricks, no gimmicks, just a quick subscription and you will gain access to a 26 minute video that will open your eyes...

What price are all our programs & courses sold in?

Everything is sold in AUD (Australian Dollars).
 Please use google to covert to your equivalent local currency (i.e EUR or USD). Note (depending on your bank and card provider), there may be a small fee applied for currency conversion. 

Which Programs & Courses are perfect for the home?

1. The Home Bodyweight Workout Program requires no equipment at all
2. The 30 Day Core Program requires no equipment at all
3. The Strict Handstand Push-Up Program requires minimal equipment 
4. The 10 Week Beginner Strength Course & the Strength Flows & Sequences Program requires at least a set of rings, DBs and a bench. 

Do i need to be a gymnast?

You do not require any experience in gymnastics, as we are only focusing on strength and moving our own bodyweight. So if your someone that engages in fitness related activities, then you're certainly more than capable of following our programs.

Virtual Classes & Online Programming

Our live & interactive Zoom classes provide you with exclusive access to world-class coaching, top-notch training, and unique programming right at the comfort (and safety) of your own home. 
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