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Providing online programs designed to help build your gymnastics strength capacity and learn specific skills

Why Handspring Gymnastics?

  • Over 25 years experience in Gymnastics (Coach Ben)
  • Strong expertise, knowledge and credibility when it comes to well thought out programs
  • Successful client results and transferability across to other activities
  • Significant time invested into our gymnastics strength programming since mid-2016 
  • Contracted to 'The Training Plan' (online competitive fitness programming) as the gymnastics coach since January 2017
  • Conduct weekly adult gymnastics strength & conditioning classes coupled with personal training
  • Have run numerous workshops covering specific gymnastics skills such as handstands, muscle-ups and kipping gymnastics movements
  • Our online progams & courses offer you the ability to feel apart of the unique style of classes & workshops we run
  • Want to be stronger on the rings, become more confident in handstands, feel lighter on the bar, rid back pain from a stronger core, move better and be more efficient from good technique? Then do yourself a favour and start with one of our courses today! 

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We're here to help you improve and conquer your goals!

We offer a large range of online courses and programs to help improve your gymnastics strength foundations as well as master exercises like handstands and muscle-ups!!

Beginner 10 Week Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning Course

This beginner friendly course is designed to help build your gymnastics strength capacity over a 10-week period. It's a great starting point to help you get those foundations stronger and help build your basic pull, push, toes-to-bar, core, handstand and straight arm strength.
View course $299 AUD

Kipping Ring Muscle-Up Course

The time has come to finally master those kipping ring muscle-ups through the help of six follow along sessions that provide plenty of drills, strength & mobility!
View course $264 AUD

Intermediate 10 Week Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning Course

Now those foundations are in place, we can begin to work on more challenging exercises & workouts that will help you build strength for muscle-ups, handstands, and various straight arm strength exercises (such as front levers and planches).
View product Coming soon

Handstand Course

Build your handstand today with solid strength, technique & mobility. We provide you with the best exercises, drills and structure that will help get your handstand moving in the right direction.
View product Coming soon

Core Strength Program

Easy to follow along workouts that you can do at home or on the go! A stronger core is essential to not only moving better but also your general bodyweight strength capacity
View product Coming soon

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Beginner Gymnastics Strength Program

Download our free beginner gymnastics strength program which includes a FREE workout and comes with accompanying videos & notes.