Handspring Gymnastics Online Hub

Providing online courses & programs designed to help build your gymnastics strength capacity and master specific skills

Why Handspring Gymnastics?

  • Coach Ben (owner & Head Coach) has over 25 years experience in Gymnastics 
  • Strong expertise, knowledge, credibility & results when it comes to well thought out online courses & programs
  • Significant time invested into our gymnastics strength programming since mid-2016 
  • Contracted to 'The Training Plan' (online competitive fitness programming targeting CF athletes) as the gymnastics coach since January 2017
  • The four pillars of the business include: Weekly adult classes (specialising in gymnastics strength, core, mobility & handstands), workshops & seminars (helping CF athletes with their kipping gymnastics skills), online courses & programs & personal training
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We're here to help you improve and conquer your goals!

We offer a large range of online courses & programs to help you improve on your gymnastics strength related goals as well as master skills like butterfly pull-ups, kipping ring muscle-ups, handstands and a-lot more!!

10 Week Beginner Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning Course

This beginner friendly course is designed to help build your gymnastics strength capacity over a 10-week period. It's a great starting point to help you get those foundations stronger and help build your basic pull, push, toes-to-bar, core, handstand and straight arm strength.
View course $299 AUD

6 Week Kipping Ring Muscle-Up Course

The time has come to finally master those kipping ring muscle-ups through the help of six follow along sessions that provide plenty of drills, strength & mobility!
View course $264 AUD

The 30 Day Online Core Program

Easy to follow along workouts that you can do at home or on the go! A stronger core is essential to not only moving better but also your general bodyweight strength capacity
View product Coming soon

Butterfly Pull-Ups (Mastery & Efficiency)

View course Coming soon

Handstand Course

Build your handstand today with solid strength, technique & mobility. We provide you with the best exercises, drills and structure that will help get your handstand moving in the right direction.
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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Beginner Gymnastics Strength Program

Download our free beginner gymnastics strength program which includes a FREE workout and comes with accompanying videos & notes.