10 Week Beginner Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning Course by Ben Wood

10 Week Beginner Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning Course

What's Included?

  • 10 workout sessions (roughly 45-60 minutes long) 
  • Downloadable ebook programs (for each session) straight to your device
  • 10 x coaching tutorial videos (30-50mins long) helping you break down every session as it pertains to technique, key cues to think about and how to scale various exercises
  • Over 100 professional video tutorials (covering every exercise, progression, sequence & mobility flow)
  • Detailed summary notes for every session (which are part of the ebook download)
  • Interactive features to allow for comments during each session
  • Exclusive access to the private Facebook Group (for this program) where you can take advantage of my free online coaching add-in service (NOTE: this offer is for a limited time only - T&C apply)
  • Exercises, progressions & workouts to help improve your basic - push, pull, toes-to-bar, straight arm, core, rings & handstand strength
  • Appendix with scaleable movement options and extra video material

About the course?

  • This is a beginner friendly strength & conditioning program designed to help build your gymnastics strength capacity over a 10-week period.
  • It’s the perfect program to tackle before commencing the Intermediate Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning program (out soon) as well specific skill programs like handstands and muscle-ups (which all require solid foundations to be in place).
  • Although this is a ‘beginner friendly’ program, it will certainly challenge and benefit anyone who works through each and every session. Don’t forget that it’s always a good idea to revisit the basics and fix any weaknesses before building back up. 
  • Having over 100 professional video tutorials spread throughout the program (covering every single exercise) as well as an instructional coaching video for every session (30-50 minutes long),  will help ensure your technique is sound – whether your gymnastic strength is adequate or not. This is the value add you deserve when it comes to online coaching!
  • You can be apart of our very own unique style of classes through our online programs 

Coaching Tutorial Video Example (Week 3)

How will I benefit from this course?

  • The course is structured so you learn to walk before you can run. We take you right through the very basics to help build the foundations, learn the movements and get familiar with the technique.
  • As you move through the program, we introduce more specific straight arm strength exercises (alongside our bent arm pull & push, core and hanging leg lift exercises), to help prepare you build the strength required for basic exercises on the rings, bars and handstands. 
  • Although maximal strength gains are a key focus, the endurance style finishers we have programmed (across most sessions) are aimed at improving your overall gymnastics capacity when it comes to more time under tension and higher volume. This way we have a workout that will benefit a variety of different athletes/ general fitness goers and leave you feeling pumped!
  • We’ve designed these workouts, so they are progressive over time, have good continuity and flow nicely - based on our experiences from the adult gymnastics strength classes we run together with numerous years in gymnastics.
  •  It's a great starting point for anyone looking to improve their gymnastics strength foundations! Whether you’re after a program to help build strength for particular gymnastics skills, supplement other athletic pursuits, or you’re simply looking to change up the type of training you do (due to particular interests, motivations or injuries), we have it all covered – right here at your fingertips!

Downloadable Ebooks for every session


Just joined the Beginner Program and love it so far! When will the intermediate program be released?
Brian Grolman (December 2019)
I joined the 10 Week Beginner Program in late 2018. A spate of lower lim injuries & increasing joint stiffness, motivated me to attack my ailments from a gymnastics perspective and the results from working with Ben have been incredible! I have been exclusively following the handspring program and have the found the benefits flowing through to day-to-day aspects of my life such as posture and other things as well as less post -exercise soreness!
Dan Marshall (April 2019)
Thanks a million mate, really appreciate the feedback! And the course is really really good. Great breakdown of all the movements and lots of fun new drills mixed with challenging pieces. Will definitely spread the word - thanks again!
Gigikehoe (January 2019)

Sample Program

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What's included?

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Introduction to the Course
Introduction to the Course (eBook download)
898 KB
Email Contact & Facebook Group Page
2 mins
Week 1:
Week 1 - Coaching Tutorial Overview
32 mins
Week 1- Program Overview (eBook Download)
126 KB
Week 2:
Week 2 - Coaching Tutorial Overview
34 mins
Week 2 - Program Overview (eBook Download)
139 KB
Week 3:
Week 3 - Coaching Tutorial Overview
29 mins
Week 3 - Program Overview (eBook Download)
116 KB
Week 4:
Week 4 - Coaching Tutorial Overview
41 mins
Week 4 - Program Overview (eBook Download)
122 KB
Week 5:
Week 5 - Coaching Tutorial Overview
52 mins
Week 5 - Program Overview (eBook Download)
138 KB
Week 6:
Week 6 - Coaching Tutorial Overview
48 mins
Week 6 - Program Overview (eBook Download)
139 KB
Week 7:
Week 7 - Program Overview (eBook Download)
132 KB
Week 7 - Coaching Tutorial Video.mp4
32 mins
Week 8:
Week 8 - Program Overview (eBook Download)
142 KB
Week 8 - Coaching Tutorial Video.mp4
38 mins
Week 9:
Week 9 - Program Overview (eBook Download)
135 KB
Week 10:
Week 10 - Program Overview (eBook Download)
133 KB
Additional Resources:
Appendix A - Scaleable Movement Options
184 KB
Appendix B - Shoulder Flexion & Thoracic Mobility Flow
5 mins
Shoulder Extension - Passive & Active Stretch
1 min
Shoulder Mobility Flow
2 mins

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